E2-2 Visa

For some reason, I found it inordinately difficult to find step-by-step instructions to how to fill out my E2-2 visa application.  Lots of E2-1 examples (for hagwons), not so much the EPIK version.

So, here’s how I applied for my E2 visa, for submission at the Toronto Korean Consulate, in January of 2016.  My visa was processed successfully, so I’m assuming I didn’t do anything incorrectly, though there may be other ways to fill it out that are accepted.

At the consulate I was given a checklist of required documents, and told to submit them in this order:

  • Visa Application Form
  • One passport-type colour photo (white background, taken within the last 6 months, stamped on the back)
  • Original and photocopy of passport (6 months validity remaining, at least)
  • A sealed transcript
  • Notice of Appointment + photocopy
  • Original employment contract + photocopy
  • Visa fee ($72 CAD, debit or cash)


Now, as far as actually filling out the form:

Section 1

  • Photo: I used a standard Wal-mart passport photo. I trimmed it slightly but it was still way over 35mm x 45mm. I don’t think it matters. I brought it in loose, and it was glued on by the consulate worker.
  • 1.1: Self explanatory, last name and first name. I included my middle names under the given names section.
  • 1.2: N/a, as I do not have a non-roman alphabet name.
  • 1.3: Self explanatory, if highly binary
  • 1.4, 1.5, 1.6: Yep, self-explanatory
  • 1.7: As a Canadian, I don’t have one. SIN doesn’t count. Left it blank.

Section 2

  • 2.1: The number found on the top left of my Notice of Appointment from EPIK
  • 2.2: Also found on the NOA
  • 2.3, 2.4: Self-explanatory
  • Section 2 notes that if you’ve filled out the visa issuance, then you don’t need to fill out the rest of the form. I did anyway, as the information packet that accompanied my contract indicated that there would be sections in the application I’d need to complete with information in the packet. Sections other than 2 and 12.

Section 3

  • 3.1: I have a regular passport
  • 3.2-3.6: Self explanatory. For place of issue, I wrote out the city and province.
  • 3.7: I only have the one. Checked no.

Section 4

  • 4.1: Used my parents’ address (I happen to be living there, but I’d have used it anyway.)
  • 4.3, 4.4, 4.5: Filled these out as you’d expect.
  • 4.6: Used my father, and his cellphone not home number.

Section 5

  • 5.1: Solo bolo: checked never married.

Section 6

  • 6.1: Got myself a BHSc. Checked Bachelor’s degree.
  • 6.2, 6.3: Self-explanatory.

Section 7

  • 7.1: Checked myself as unemployed, as my freelance position was not active at this time.

Section 8

  • 8.1: Yes
    • a) Wrote the Gwangju Ministry of Education, as my placement is in the Gwangju MOE
    • b) Left blank
    • c) Employer
    • d) Address for the Gwangju MOE was listed in my contract information packet
    • e) Likewise

Section 9

  • 9.1: Work
  • 9.2: I listed 12 months
  • 9.3: Listed date of arrival, February 18th.
  • 9.4, 9.5: Used the address and phone number of the Gwangju MOE as I did not know my home or school address
  • 9.6: Nope, I had not
  • 9.7: I’d only travelled outside of the country once, so I listed the days of my Vacation to Disney World
  • 9.8: Nope

Section 10

  • 10.1: I just listed the cost of my flight and first month in Korea. So around $3,000. Others list upwards of $15,000, I just went with the amount of money I would be bringing into the country, more or less, plus travel expenses.
  • 10.2: As a highly privileged person, I listed my father, noting his support as financial: travel and first month support.

Section 11

  • 11.1: Nope, checked No.

Section 12

  • Dated, then signed (sealed, delivered, I’m yours, Korea.)